Allen Termite Treatment

How can you tell if you need professional Allen termite treatment services? Despite your best efforts to protect our home and business facilities from these intrusive insects, sometimes infestations just happen.

Homeowners, business owners, property managers and more must remain vigilant, especially in our region, to ensure that termites are not getting out of hand, damaging the structure of their homes or buildings. At Miss Phoebe’s Pest Control, a division of Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, we offer the ongoing Allen termite bait monitoring services that help you prevent infestations, but we also offer a full panel of treatment options to eliminate these destructive pests.

Each client receives the personal attention that allows our team to create a custom plan for termite treatment services in Allen TX. No two homes or businesses are exactly alike, which is why Miss Phoebe’s takes the time to get to know your needs.


Signs that you might need Allen termite treatment services

Many home- and business owners commission our team to provide preventive Allen termite bait monitoring services.

Termite bait monitoring services in Allen TX generally consist of a series of bait traps that are placed around a home or commercial facility. Miss Phoebe’s monitors these traps to determine whether they are being visited by termites — if so, more invasive treatment may be needed.

We provide a full range of treatment services — baiting systems, preventative services, active termite infestation treatments, pre-treats and spot treatments.

If you are not currently using a bait monitoring service, it may be difficult to know whether you need help with your termite problem. Eco-Safe® recommends consulting one of our professional extermination teams if:

  • You hear muted clicking sounds coming from the walls — this can mean that termites are chewing through your building’s wooden supports.
  • You see flying termites, also known as “swarmers,” inside the building.
  • Your doors and windows are suddenly difficult to close — this may indicate that insects are tunneling through door and window frames.
  • Visible tunnels in wood structures throughout your home.
  • Termites found in the soil of your garden or near your foundation.
  • Visible mud tubes around a building.

With the help of Miss Phoebe’s comprehensive Allen termite treatment services, countless area residents have eliminated termites from their homes and business facilities. Eco-Safe® has a proud tradition of more than 50 years of service in your area. Contact our team today.