Tiny insects called ‘scale’ live in many gardens and suck the sap from garden plant stems, robbing them of essential nutrients. This causes plants to become unhealthy, and even die. Scale can be orange, black, white or brown, and as small as just 2mm,

Lawn, Tree, & Ornamental Services

Eco-Safe can provide our customers with superior results while upholding our philosophy. We believe lawn and tree services should not come with a warning sign. Many pests and diseases are highly invasive and while prevention is always the best approach, Eco-Safe can help you with both prevention and solutions.

Part of the Eco-Safe way is having the ability to develop a personalized care plan for your trees and yard, tailoring services to match your budget. With our Lawn, Ornamental, and Tree services you will notice fuller limbs for your trees and more vibrant colors for your trees, plants, and lawn. Our services target pests, diseases, fungi and stress. In fact, many of our services are designed to help make healthy trees healthier and reduce the impacts of stress on your prized trees from improper planting, placement, harsh elements, and other non-ideal environmental factors.

Concerned about tree health?
Seeing spots on your plants or trees?
Tired of unnecessary pests being attracted to your property?
Unsure what kind of fungus is impacting your trees, shrubs or lawn?
Want to protect your trees and assist them in thriving?
Tired of dead or dying patches on your lawn?
Want to have a beautiful rich colored lawn without having to rely on harmful materials?

An Eco-Safe professional is equipped to help with lawn fertilization, tree injection, plant and tree diseases, dormant oil treatments, weed prevention, deep root fertilization, bagworms, aphids, beetles, weevils, ants, scales and more!

Gain a Healthly, Thriving, Beautiful Yard.


Oak Wilt, Chlorosis or any other serious tree disease? We can save your tree with multiple services including tree injections. We can even give your beloved plant a health boost. But timing is crucial! Schedule your free consultation today.


We can help you achieve naturally healthy soil while reducing the amount of watering necessary to maintain a beautiful landscape. A win-win for conservation and yard beauty.


Lawn care should not come with a warning sign. We offer a liquid natural organic fertilization service filled with all the macro and micro nutrients your plants and trees need for extra vigor and maximized growth.


We love insects, but they should not be killing your plants. Eco-Safe can target any unwanted pests in your yard efficiently and safely. Fire ants, grubs, moles, chinch bugs, fleas, ticks… we handle them all!


Yes, we can remove the harmful chemicals that may have been applied to your property by a different pest control or lawn care company.