Phoebe was truly concerned about the welfare of her employees and customers; their happiness was the backbone of her success. This remains our philosophy to this day.

Family Owned & Operated for Three Generations, Since 1962.

With over 50 years of service, Eco-Safe® is proud of its founding heritage.

Miss Phoebe’s Pest Control, a company offering the services of termite specialists, was the first female owned pest control business in the state of Texas. Phoebe was the mother of Eco-Safe’s founder, Michael, and her termite business still remains a strong and integral part of the Eco-Safe family. In fact, due to Miss Phoebe’s accomplishments being strong enough to redefine the pest control industry, the termite division of Eco-Safe still operates under the name “Miss Phoebe’s” to this day. Michael, Phoebe’s son, redefined the industry a second time with his vision of saving the earth from harmful materials. Gregory, Michael’s son, is now working to redefine the industry for a 3rd time to both finalize and exceed his grandmother’s and father’s original visions.

Our founding roots in this industry go back over 100 years, and our own 300 years plus of combined experience back the service guarantee that we offer our clients today as industry experts.


In 1962, Miss Phoebe’s Pest Control, a company offering the services of termite specialists, was the first female owned pest control business. Miss Phoebe’s Pest Control Company received its first Triple A+ rating with the BBB in 1965 which it has kept for over 50 years. The Eco-Safe Environmental Protection Club was being developed by Phoebe’s son, Michael Brandt, starting in 1968.


Eco-Safe continued developing new successful natural strategies for pest control to help save the environment and protect people and pets. One of the notable categories influenced were Flea (Flea Free™) control and Roach control (RoachBusters®). Many people, both consumers and those in the industry, never took this work seriously until the 2000s.


Green finally caught on and the market flooded with “eco” companies — a breakthrough which both helped and hurt Eco-Safe. However, Eco-Safe remained the natural pest control leader, and continued showing the highest success rates of all natural treatments, rivaling even traditional methods. Howard Garrett and the Texas Organic Research Center honored Eco-Safe with TORC certification. In 2014, Michael’s son, Gregory, graduated from Brown University in Providence, RI, where he had started developing natural cleaning products for homes and aquariums, as well as pesticide alternatives that would eliminate risks for aquatic systems.

The Eco-Safe Story


Eco-Safe Pest Control opened in Oklahoma by Michael while studying Entomology at Oklahoma State University to utilize natural and safe methods in an industry where these two words were rarely ever heard. Michael graduated from Oklahoma State and became a board certified entomologist. In 1972, Eco-Safe moved to Dallas, TX to help Phoebe when she fell ill. Eco-Safe along with Miss Phoebe’s worked on developing safer control methods, specifically for Section 8 housing in New York City. Eco-Safe also started the BugBusters®, RatBusters®, and RoachBusters® divisions.


EcoFresh® Industries and Pest Products Incorporated were started by Michael to further research and develop safer materials for the pest control industry. In order to promote a healthier and safer environment, newer and better solutions were always being sought.


EcoSafe® Labs, the sister company of Eco-Safe Pest Control, was founded in 2016 by Gregory and continues to make breakthroughs in the pest control and home cleaning industries by developing the most effective natural organic formulations. Eco-Safe continues to give back, and partners with organizations that help communities, pets, and people. Eco-Safe is always striving to develop new ways to provide necessary services in the safest and best ways possible.