Arlington Termite Treatment

When you go from yelling “How ’bout them Cowboys!” to “What about these termites?!,” then it’s time to call in the professionals at Miss Phoebe’s for our Arlington termite treatment services.

Here at Miss Phoebe’s we provide some of the most reliable and proven termite treatment services in Arlington TX, otherwise regarded as the professional sports hub of the great state of Texas. We bring a Big-League arsenal of resources to residential and commercial environments to assure that we identify, eliminate and prevent infestations of termites.


We offer Arlington termite bait monitoring services

Amongst our wide range of termite treatment services, the team here at Miss Phoebe’s offers termite bait monitoring services in Arlington TX. These stations can be a highly effective tool in the early detection of termites — they don’t even have to contain toxic chemicals to identify the presence of termites.

With small amounts of insecticide, these bait stations can effectively manage the termite activity in your home or commercial building. The team at Miss Phoebe’s is highly knowledgeable and experienced in targeting problem areas, so that these stations can work most effectively. Miss Phoebe’s has termite stations that can be either checked every quarterly or just once a year!

With Arlington termite bait monitoring services, you can achieve an easier, more effective way of handling a termite problem than applying liquid solutions.

Building a new home or structure? Be sure to call Miss Phoebe’s for your termite pre-treatment needs.


Miss Phoebe’s offers customized Arlington termite treatment services

The staff at Miss Phoebe’s has full capabilities to address your specific needs. In addition to our baiting systems, we offer active infestation treatments, pre-treats, spot treatments and full range of preventative services. The needs of our clients vary, which is why we tailor an approach that will prove most effective for your home or building.

Talk to the men and women behind our Arlington termite treatment services to learn more about what we can do to handle the termites on your property! Miss Pheobe’s is powered by Eco-Safe®.