Carrollton Pest Control Services

Established in May 16th, 1878, Carrollton TX is a historic city that is home to many festivals, restaurants, and parks Carrollton is a great place to live. Pests also love Carrollton. If you have a Carrollton Pest Control Company hired and need better results or want the pros of natural organic pest control, give Eco-Safe Pest Control a call today.

Carrollton is known for its famed Carrollton Korea Town, ping pong aficionados, the Festival at the Switchyard in Historic Downtown Carrollton, and the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Carrollton is a city many DFW residents visit daily and many people call home which is why we are a top quality natural organic Carrollton pest control services company.

Like Carrollton, Eco-Safe Pest Control is unique. We set the trend for natural organic pest control and continue to lead it today. We are also knowledgeable and able to offer all different kinds of service methods such as traditional, hybrid, and natural organic treatments. Something we pride ourselves on is that many of the services we offer are strictly distinctive to Eco-Safe.

There is also lots of things to do at night from Carrollton’s gaming cafes all the way to Karaoke bars. This is yet another reason why it is so important to utilize Eco-Safe’s professional pest control services in Carrollton TX. Could you imagine all the accidental high notes that may be hit if a Carrollton karaoke singer sees a mouse or roach?

Professional natural organic Carrollton pest control services

Since our inception, Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control is the Carrollton Pest Control Company of choice. Our reputation is well-known for giving our customers the most value for the best price. When you use Eco-Safe, you are never a number, but a part of the Eco-Safe Family.

Our goal is to offer the safest and best Carrollton pest control service for all our customers. We take the time to inspect and design unique pest control action plans for each of our customers.

While many pest control companies employ “the one service fits all” approach, Eco-Safe does not. We believe that designing action plans for each situation is not only more effective for customers, but necessary to achieve the results you deserve.

We can help with:

Bed Bugs




Brown Recluse Spiders

Pill Bugs




Fire Ants

All pests!

Are you worried that natural organic pest control services might not be as effective? With over 50 years of successful service, we can assure you that they are equally effective, if not more, then standard pest control materials. If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle or presenting a true family friendly environment for your business’s customers, do not forget to think about pest control. It is time to want more from Carrollton pest control services, it is time to call Eco-Safe. We are willing and ready to schedule your free consultation today and help you achieve your dream home or business environment.