Celina Rodent Control

Have you recently heard noises in your attic or noises in the wall? Have you seen droppings in your kitchen cabinets, in your attic, or on the floor? Have you noticed stored food products have rips or tears? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then it is probably time to consider our Celina rodent exclusion services to protect your home or business.

Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control Professionals are the original Ratbusters® and are fully equipped and trained to help you with all your Celina rodent control services. Mice and rats are known to enter structures seeking food, shelter, and water. Mice can make their way through 6 mm openings in any structure while rats can come through 12 mm openings. Rats and mice can transmit disease and trigger allergies/ asthma in many individuals. Making matters worse, if you have a rodent issue said rodents can also cause flea and rat mite problems for your home or business.

If you saw a mouse or rat run through your kitchen, call our Celina rodent trapping services for same day emergency service. We understand that if you spot a mouse inside your house that you want immediate service. With all Eco-Safe’s treatments for pests, we offer customized services as no two pest issues are the same.

Why should you call Eco-Safe Natural Organic Pest Control for our rodent exclusion services in Celina TX?

Celina is currently experiencing a lot of growth and new structures. This combined with the fact that rodents already reside in Celina can increase the chance that rodents will make your home or building their home. Eco-Safe Natural Organic Pest Control can stop rodents before they become an issue. Our exclusion services are typically backed by at least one year of coverage which can be renewed annually for lifetime protection.

As is true with many pests, prevention is key. We offer preventative Celina rodent exclusion services that will stop rodents from becoming an issue in the future. If you already have rodents inside, then you will most likely need an exclusion as well as our rodent trapping services in Celina TX.

Gnaw marks, scratching noises, and droppings are indicators that you need professional rodent control services in Celina TX

When it comes to professional Celina rodent control services, Eco-Safe is the number one choice. With 5 star ratings, a triple A+++ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and the ability to treat homes, businesses, schools, and even food processing plants you can be confident that Eco-Safe will get you the results you need.

With over 50 years of excellent service, you can trust Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control to do the job correctly, affordably, and efficiently. Call our office today to set up a free inspection and learn how our Celina rodent control services can help you!