Dallas Rodent Control

Just missing the list of the top 10 rattiest cities in the United States, Dallas has its fair share of rodent issues. Rodents have been plaguing Dallas way before the inception of our company (1962) and with more resources, less land, and further development rodent populations have exploded over the recent years in Dallas. Rats and mice constantly urinate, produce droppings, lose hairs, and can spread diseases as well as trigger asthma and allergies in many people. Eco-Safe Professionals are the original Ratbusters® and our rodent control services in Dallas TX live up to that standard.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide Dallas rodent control services for schools, homes, businesses, public buildings, and cities. When it comes to rodents, prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. We want our customers to not have to worry about rodents invading their home or business. We also want everyone to know that pest exclusion is pest prevention and pest prevention is public health. Due to the serious health effects and issues rodents can pose on people, we are proud to offer the highest quality Dallas rodent exclusion services available.

Rats and mice are looking for food, water, and shelter. The goal of our rodent control in Dallas TX is to eliminate the possibility for rats and mice to enter structures while they are in search of food, water, or shelter. Eco-Safe also specializes in Dallas rodent trapping services and are apple to control the situation quickly if rodents have already become an issue before you called Eco-Safe to help. With our rodent control services in Dallas TX you will see immediate improvements and lasting results.

Dallas rodent control services are not all the same.

Rats, mice, squirrels, and wildlife may not raise alarms when seen; however, once they enter your structure, not only can they cause copious amounts of damage, they can also place you, your family, your pets, and your customers (if you are business) at risk.

When you call Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control, we take the time to inspect your property as if it was our own. Rodents are extremely intelligent animals which is why you have probably been very frustrated if you hired another pest control company or tried DIY with no results. Rely on the rodent experts from Eco-Safe. Our rodent control exclusion services will save you money in the long term, protect your reputation, and provide you with peace of mind.

Other than posing a health and safety risk to your family or customers, rodents have been known to chew threw wires causing electrical fires. If you have a garage with prized collector cars or any car for that matter, rodents have chewed threw wiring and even brake lines.

Making matters worse, rodents can bring fleas and rat mites into your home or business. We have now established many of the dangers and concerns of having rodents in Dallas. A question you might asking yourself, is how you know if you do in fact have a rodent issue.

Sometimes large American roach droppings found in kitchen cabinets can be mistaken for rodent droppings. One way to tell the difference is rodent droppings will have tiny hairs while roach droppings have no pair. Our professional team of Dallas rodent control experts can put your mind at ease at no charge to you. Our inspections are in fact free. Hearing noises in the attic or noises in the wall are good indications that you should call Eco-Safe out to your home or business. If you see ripped apart food containers, sebum trails, burrows in your insulation or in your yard, or droppings then you should also call Eco-Safe to set up your free inspection for rodents. Our goal is to help make your home or business pest and stress free.

During the inspection we will thoroughly look how our rodent control services in Dallas TX can be best applied to your home or business. We will look for the tell-tale signs of rodent infestations such as droppings, gnaw marks, and rodent hairs. We will also look for entry points as well as identify possible entry points that rodents and wildlife can utilize to enter your structure.

When it comes to rodent trapping services in Dallas TX, the sooner you call Eco-Safe out, the better it will be. Homeowners do not want to put their families at risk just as business owners do not want to put their team or customers at risk. Rely on Eco-Safe Natural Organic Pest Control for your pest and rodent control needs. Know that we utilize the safest methods in the industry and can offer our customers control even without the use of rodenticides. Call Eco-Safe today and set up your free rodent inspection to find out why our Dallas rodent exclusion services are the best fit for your needs.