DeSoto Mosquito Spray Systems

DeSoto is a wonderful place to settle down and raise a family, especially with parks like the Windham Hill Nature Preserve. With beautiful homes almost everywhere you look, there are many different options when it comes to finding a place to live. Unfortunately, something that will follow you wherever you decide to go is mosquitoes. Since spring has sprung, mosquitoes are coming out in droves. That’s where Eco-Safe comes in; our DeSoto mosquito spray services are highly effective at eliminating entire swarms of mosquitoes while keeping you and your family safe.

Before you have your yards treated with our DeSoto mosquito spray misting systems, it is important to make sure there isn’t anything helping mosquitoes along. Be sure to:

  • Empty all standing water, including dog bowls, toys, swing sets, or anything else that can hold water
  • Trim grass to a short height
  • Throw away piles of leaves and foliage
  • Clean out the gutters

All these conducive conditions make it easier for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. DeSoto mosquito misting spray systems are the perfect compliment to any backyard, business, or restaurant patio. These high quality, effective mosquito systems, are able to consistently deliver natural organic materials to keep mosquitoes controlled 24/7.

Once you have eliminated any conducive conditions, our DeSoto mosquito spray services come into play. There are two main methods that we use to eradicate mosquitoes: mosquito sprays and mosquito misting systems.

What is the difference between DeSoto mosquito misting systems and mosquito sprays?

Eco-Safe’s natural organic mosquito spray is based on garlic and red thyme to naturally kill and repel mosquitoes around your home and yard. We recommend that an experienced Pest Professional sprays your yard every three to four weeks for the best results. Your yard may smell like an Italian restaurant for a day or two after treatment, but the garlic smell dissipates shortly thereafter.

On the other hand, we can also install mosquito spray misting systems in DeSoto TX. These systems consist of a large drum that holds the bulk of the product, a series of tubes that radiate around your home, and nozzles that spray the product periodically. We have manual and automatic options that each come with a remote so you can control when your misting system functions. Our seasoned technicians can come monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly to refill the drum with product and make sure everything is in working order.

Each service is tailored to your home but there are different advantages for each type. While DeSoto mosquito spray misting systems are a permanent solution, they can be a bit pricey as there are many different parts to account for. On the flip side, mosquito spray services in DeSoto TX are more cost effective and is typically set up as a monthly service. Both options are incredibly effective; it just depends what works best with your home.

Even though traditional mosquito services may be tempting, spraying pesticides all over your yard can be quite harmful if you have any children or pets, cats and dogs especially. Here at Eco-Safe, we pride ourselves on our organic services being affordable but most importantly: safe. In order to quote for your DeSoto mosquito spray misting systems, we have to schedule a free inspection so a Pest Professional can inspect and analyze your home for any conducive conditions and work with you individually. Contact our staff today at 214-358-5201 or through