DeSoto Rodent Control

Are you hearing noises in the attic, such as scratching, gnawing, or running? How about in the crawl space? Have you seen rodents running along your fence? If you answered yes to any of the above questions or if you are looking to keep your home or business rodent-free, our DeSoto rodent control services might be the right choice for you! 

DeSoto is known for being a great place for raising families and starting new businesses. Our professional rodent control services in Desoto TX can help you maintain peace of mind knowing your home or business is properly protected against rodents. Whether you are looking for something preventative or reactive, Eco-Safe’s rodent trapping and exclusion services are the environmentally responsible alternative to relying on highly toxic poisons. Why use products that could harm your children or pets when Eco-Safe offers a safer and more affordable alternative?

Signs of rodent activity that may mean you could benefit from our professional rodent exclusion services in DeSoto TX are:  

  • Gnaw marks eaves 
  • Holes around the foundation or roof, possibly with a ring of oil around them
  • Droppings
  • Strange odors
  • Scratching noises

If you hear scratching noises during the day, the issue is likely squirrels. However, if you hear noises at night, it is more likely mice or rats. All three types of rodents are equally destructive once they gain access to your home. Rodent control in DeSoto TX is not all the same. Many companies rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. Rodents are highly intelligent and can prove difficult to control. Using cheap or partial methods to control rodents can result in higher costs to properly control them as well as damage. 

Eco-Safe offers unique treatments and different types of DeSoto rodent control services. We specialize in all types of methods from rodent trapping, monitoring, and control methods. Whether you are experiencing current issues or simply want prevention we can help. 

Why chose our DeSoto rodent control exclusion services over others? 

  • Unique and thorough approach 
  • Free Initial Inspection 
  • 50+ years of experience 
  • More affordable and effective 

We can also help you with our rodent trapping services in DeSoto TX, as well as rodent bait boxes and stations. Though each service can stand on its own or be combined with others, our experienced Pest Professionals will work with you individually to determine what works best for your home and your needs. 

Our DeSoto rodent exclusion services are the best way to prevent rodents from coming inside before there is an issue or back inside once there was an issue and we have removed them from your home or business. A seasoned technician will inspect your home and look for any holes that rodents have used to gain entry. These holes only need to be the size of a dime for a mouse to be able to fit through and rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter. These entry points can occur where any siding or vents have come loose or where rodents have chewed their way in. An exclusion is where a technician comes and seals up those entry points, big and small alike. Our DeSoto rodent exclusion services come with a one-year warranty and the option to renew that warranty annually after the first year. This means if any rodents chew open new holes, a Pest Professional will seal them at no charge. 

Professional rodent control services in DeSoto TX that are affordable and effective: 

For larger rodents like squirrels, our technicians can place a humane live animal trap in the area (likely the attic) and remove the animal(s) once it has been caught. On the other hand, we also offer bait boxes as part of our DeSoto rodent control services. The average household only needs two to four boxes to control the rodent population, and they can be re-baited every month, every other month, or every quarter. The technician will speak with you about how often he/she recommends having the boxes refilled. 

No matter how you decide to resolve your rodent problems, it is incredibly important that they do get resolved as rodents can cause all sorts of destruction, including fires from gnawing on wires. Here at Eco-Safe, we understand that having rodents in your home or business can be scary, or even dangerous which is why we offer free rodent and wildlife inspections. Our DeSoto rodent control services are an excellent choice for any home or business owner. Contact our staff at 214-358-5201 or today!