Duncanville Rodent Control

Most people are familiar with the children’s story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” but a more realistic version would be “If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going sneak inside to get more. If he sneaks inside, he’s going to bring mites with him. If he brings mites with him, you’re going to have to call Eco-Safe.” Our Duncanville rodent control services are unmatched in affordability and effectiveness. 

The best way to prevent a rodent from sneaking inside in the first place is with our Duncanville rodent exclusion services. An exclusion is where our Pest Professionals inspect your home for entry points (where rodents use to gain access) then seal up those entry points. All of our exclusion work typically comes with one year of coverage and the option to renew that extra protection for a small annual fee once the first year is up. Since every home and business is so different, we must schedule an exclusion inspection before we can complete the service or even provide you with a quote. This is because the technician may need to get on the roof or go into the attic or crawl space to inspect for rodent activity. Even more good news is that your initial rodent inspection is free. 

Premiere Duncanville rodent control services for your peace of mind. Eco-Safe Pest Control can help you with:

  • Preventing rodents from entering your home or business 
  • Removing and trapping rodent
  • Disinfecting after rodent activity is corrected
  • Keeping rodents controlled 

Another option we provide is Duncanville rodent trapping services. If you are dealing with wildlife, such as squirrels, trapping can be the best option to remove an animal from your home safely and humanely. To do this, an experienced technician will inspect the area and ascertain the most strategic place to set the cage. We then will check the cage daily until the animal is caught and removed. Sometimes our trapping services are combined with our rodent exclusion services in Duncanville TX to catch the animal then close up the hole(s). Many times, if rodents have been making their home in your home or business, wildlife tends to follow. By pairing Duncanville rodent exclusion services and rodent trapping services in Duncanville TX, we can guarantee that your rodent problems are a thing of the past.

Should I still use Eco-Safe’s rodent control services in Duncanville TX if I don’t seem to have an active rodent issue?

Yes! Our Duncanville rodent control services are excellent preventative measures against rodent infestations. A strategy we commonly use is installing bait boxes. This means that while rodents search for food, they find and eat from the bait boxes before needing to look inside for food. Rodent prevention is key for homeowners because rats only need an opening the size of a quarter to fit through and mice only need an opening the size of a dime. Once inside, rodents can do all sorts of damage, including setting fire to your home if they end up chewing on the wrong electrical wires. 

Want to prevent the havoc that rodents can wreak? Reach out to our office today at 214-358-5201 through call or text, or email us at info@ecosafepest.com to schedule your free inspection for our professional Duncanville rodent control services today!