Frisco Termite Treatment

How do you know that you might need Frisco termite treatment services? At Miss Phoebe’s, a division of Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, many of our clients never realize that they have a termite infestation at their home or business until it is too late. According to Texas A&M, there is an average of 25 termite colonies per acre of land. We can help you identify and treat current infestations along with providing preventative services!

When you work with our professional team of pest and termite control experts, you can experience the benefits of our Frisco termite bait monitoring services and more. Miss Phoebe’s termite bait monitoring systems serve two purposes.

First, they help building owners identify the presence of a termite colony, and, secondly, they provide first steps to eliminating the colony. Miss Phoebe’s offers less-toxic options that are designed to help our team determine whether you need more intensive termite treatment services in Frisco TX.


Signs of termite damage that may call for Frisco termite treatment services

Just like Frisco is home to the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters at The Star, we figured that we needed to serve the area with Big League termite service to match. Miss Phoebe’s has been an institution in the area for over 50 years! In fact, Miss Phoebe was the first woman in the county to own a pest control company.

Early detection of termites through our Frisco termite bait monitoring services can reduce your risk for ongoing property damage. So, what are the first clues that you may have a termite problem? At Eco-Safe® and Miss Phoebe’s, our technicians will provide you with a no-cost consultation that will strive to identify:

  • Presence of small flying insects, called termite swarmers, near windows
  • Damage to floors, including blistering and sagging
  • Wall damage, such as unexplained cracks
  • Windows and doors that do not close properly because of termite damage
  • Foundation damage, especially for homes with crawl spaces

You may even notice damage to roof tiles or garden elements, depending on the size and scope of your termite infestation.

Instead of waiting until a complete colony grows, why not consider preventive termite bait monitoring services in Frisco TX? Monitoring with bait traps offers a non-toxic opportunity to identify termite colonization in its early stages, reducing your risk of serious property damage and even danger to building occupants because of unstable structures.

Trust Miss Phoebe’s as your chosen provider of Frisco termite treatment services. We have been offering these services in your area for more than a half century, with a proven track record of success. Contact our team now to get started.