Garland Pest Control Services

Garland TX is a vibrant and growing city. From Hawaiian Falls water park to the Spring Creek Forest Preserve, Garland is known for its wide variety of activities and cultures to explore. That is why Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control is the chosen premier Garland pest control company, offering natural organic pest control services in Garland TX that are unmatched in customer service and effectiveness.

What Garland pest control services does Eco-Safe offer?

– Wasp nest removal

– Cobweb removal

– Attic and crawl space dustings

– Weep hole treatments

– Ant trail elimination

– Free diagnostic inspections

– And that’s just part of what is included in our general pest control!

When it comes to Garland pest control services, you deserve the best. Here at Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, our experienced Pest Professionals will inspect for issues, analyze the best way to service, and treat your home thoroughly at each service. 

How often should I have my Garland home or business treated?

We typically recommend our Garland pest control services every quarter for most residences, meaning we service your home four times a year, every three months, for general pests in the area such as:

– Spiders

– Ants

– Roaches

– Crickets

– Silverfish

– And more

If you are looking for a great pest control company in Garland TX, Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control may be right for you! With our 100% natural organic treatments, you can rest easy knowing there are no toxic pesticides or harsh chemicals in or around your home. Our services are safe for people, pets, children, and even the environment. 

With over fifty-five years of experience, pest control in Garland TX has never been more affordable, effective, and Eco-Safe. Our services across the DFW Metroplex have been controlling pest activity for decades, but customer service is and always has been our priority. 

Garland pest control does not have to be toxic or expensive to provide results. Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control are the experts on Garland pest activity, and our Pest Professionals will apply this knowledge in every facet of your service. When it comes to scheduling, our customer service representatives can help you find a time for service that fits in your schedule. We offer hard-timed appointments, so you aren’t stuck waiting during a two- or three-hour time window, and with a six-day workweek and emergency services available, you aren’t confined to just weekday service times either. 

Whether you have an infestation or are just looking for pest prevention, Eco-Safe can help! Contact our office today at 214-358-5201 to schedule your free consultation.