Grand Prairie Rodent Control

If rodents are infiltrating your home in Grand Prairie TX, Eco-Safe Pest Control can effectively eliminate your rodent problems while keeping you and your family safe from toxic rodenticides other companies use.

Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control is a pioneer of the eco-friendly movement in the rodent control industry, servicing the DFW metroplex for over 55 years. While we do offer traditional and hybrid  Grand Prairie rodent control services upon request, our natural organic programs are affordable and effective for pest removal in your home or business.

Our Grand Prairie rodent control services are extensive and tailored specifically for your home or business to remove and barricade rodents from your property.

Why rodent control services in Grand Prairie TX are so important:

Since rats can squeeze through an opening the size of a quarter and mice the size of a dime, here at Eco-Safe Pest Control we pride ourselves in taking the time to thoroughly inspect your home or business for openings. Our goal is to solve your rodent issue, not just put a band-aid on it. While many companies use the same approach to getting rid of the obvious rodent problems for all of their customers, our Eco-Safe professionals will dig deeper as well as analyze your specific needs and explain them to you in detail before coming up with a personal plan of attack.

After coming up with a plan, your technician will use monitoring systems or other tactics to observe and control the rodent population around your home or business. We also offer rodent exclusion services in Grand Prairie TX, sealing up any and all entry points rodents may use. Our Grand Prairie rodent exclusion services usually comes with 12-month coverage to give you peace of mind and ensure rodents don’t re-chew their way back into your home or business. If you see or hear rodents inside your home or business, you can have faith that our Grand Prairie rodent trapping services will eliminate them.

Even if you aren’t currently having rodent problems, we are happy to set up preventative measures to shield your home from any future infestations. In fact, our rodent inspections are free! Proactive pest control is just as, if not more, effective than reactive pest control, and at Eco-Safe, we promise to give you peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your home.

Grand Prairie TX is a lovely city with homey restaurants and large venues such as Six Flags Over Texas and the Cedar Ridge Preserve – it’s no place for rodents. Call Eco-Safe today to schedule a complimentary inspection for our Grand Prairie rodent exclusion services and keep your home or business pest-free.