Grand Prairie Termite Treatment

Termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world. Termite colonies cause over $5 billion in damage a year. Is your home or business protected? If not, call us!

Grand Prairie TX is the 15th most populated city in the state of Texas, with attractions such as Six Flags Over Texas and the Cedar Ridge Preserve. That’s why we’re devoted to protecting the city from pests with natural organic solutions, including Grand Prairie termite treatment services.

When it comes to fighting termite colonies, prevention is KEY. Eco-Safe Pest Control’s termite control division, Miss Phoebe’s, offers:

Termite Preventative Services

Termite Pre-Construction Treatments

Termite Baiting systems

Termite spot treatments

Active Termite Treatments

There is no “one size fits all” prevention or treatment for termites, and at Miss Phoebe’s Termites, we will devise a personalized plan for your home or business. Our experienced professionals will quickly and effectively analyze and solve your problem with our Grand Prairie termite treatment services so you can focus on what’s important.

Miss Phoebe’s works closely with:


Property developers


Business owners

City Planners

With our Grand Prairie termite bait monitoring services, we can place bait stations around the perimeter of your property to maintain a termite-free environment. These monitors are incredibly beneficial because they can diagnose an infestation earlier, saving you time and money.

We also offer liquid termite treatments to eliminate an infestation that has already taken place or prevent one in the future by treating during the construction phase of a building with our termite treatment services in Grand Prairie TX.

At Eco-Safe Pest Control and Miss Phoebe’s, we pledge to keep your home or business healthy by using the best methods to eradicate termite colonies and other pests, keeping you and your family safe from dangerous property damage. Call our office today to schedule an inspection for your Grand Prairie termite treatment services today!