Grapevine Mosquito Spray Systems

Are you looking for relief from mosquitoes, but do not want to use harsh chemicals in or around your home or business? Then look no further. Eco-Safe Pest Control has been servicing DFW for more than 50 years. We are trained and equipped to hand any and all species of mosquitoes.

Did you know that mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world? Unfortunately, mosquitos kill over one million people in the world every year. These animals can spread Malaria, West Nile, Zika, and more through blood-borne pathogens. Mosquitoes can even transmit diseases to our beloved cats and dogs! This is why it is so crucial to defend ourselves, our families, and our pets against mosquitoes and utilize professional and effective Grapevine mosquito spray services during every mosquito season.

With Eco-Safe Pest Control’s mosquito spray services in Grapevine TX, you can protect your family from the harm mosquitos can do without having to use toxic chemicals that can have harsh effects on your environment. With our garlic and thyme-based mosquito spray services, you can take back your backyard and enjoy your summer.

Our mosquito misting systems utilize a series of nozzles that are secured to the exterior perimeter of your home, business, or sometimes your fence. The entire system is controlled by a central unit that will automatically dose natural organic materials into your yard to keep mosquito populations at bay. In Grapevine TX, our mosquito spray misting systems are a must have for anyone home or business owner who loves the outdoors.

How Eco-Safe’s Grapevine Mosquito Spray Misting Systems are unique:

Our natural organic products are safe for you, your family, and your dogs, cats, and other pets. Just as important, our mosquito services are also safe for the environment. While mosquito misting systems in Grapevine TX may not be for everyone, we also have other stellar options to control mosquitoes. For example, we offer stand-alone mosquito spray services and in2care mosquito services that are just as effective at a lower cost.

We do everything that we can to eliminate mosquitos in your area, but we also need your help. Remember, it is extremely important that you remove conditions that our conducive for breeding mosquitoes. Mosquitoes simply need stagnant water to reproduce. Mosquitoes can even lay their eggs in bamboo shoots, so be aware if you do have bamboo and let your Eco-Safe Professionals know when you call to set your first service.

Common mosquito breeding sites include:

Emptying out standing water, such as dog bowls and toys

Keeping your grass cut short

Cleaning out the gutters

Keeping bird baths running, not allowing water to stagnate

If you want to take back your backyard, grilling area, or your restaurant’s outdoor patio, call our office to schedule a no-cost consultation to start your Eco-Safe Pest Control Grapevine mosquito spray services today!