Highland Park Pest Control Services

Welcome to the most trusted name in Highland Park pest control services for over 50 years. We are Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, and we are passionate about showing our wide range of clients exactly how effective and affordable natural organic pest control can be.

Our Highland Park pest control company was established back in 1962. In fact, we blazed new trails when it came to natural organic pest control and have remained on the cutting edge ever since. When you utilize our pest control services in Highland Park TX, you can expect highly effective methods and safe, natural solutions that will address the problems that your commercial building or home are currently facing.

As one of the most affluent parts of Dallas and the state of Texas as a whole, Eco-Safe® is the pest control company of choice for all Highland Park residents. Eco-Safe® has the knowledge and resources to protect these beautiful homes and upscale businesses from damaging pests while maintaining the environments Highland Park Home and Business owners demand.


Customized Highland Park pest control to fit your needs

Whether you’re facing an infestation of roaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders, termites or even grappling with a rodent issue, the professionals at Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control can help you find a solution.

While our pest control company in Highland Park TX specializes in an natural organic brand of pest control, where we utilize natural materials to get the job done, we also have a firm knowledge and expertise in traditional pest control methods. With this wide range of knowledge, we can customize a plan to fit your needs. This means that your treatment will be optimized for your purposes and will deliver the intended results.


Get guaranteed Highland Park pest control services

Here at our proven Highland Park pest control company, we want to provide ultimate peace of mind for our clients. That means we offer a satisfaction guarantee that states, if you have a covered pest problem between our recommended service intervals, we will come back at no charge to take care of it for you.

Eco-Safe® wants to provide pest control in Highland Park TX that will stick with you until your problem is eliminated. We can provide this expert work in LEED establishments and for chemically sensitive accounts (i.e. commercial kitchens, medical facilities, daycares, schools etc.).

Talk to the Eco-Safe® team about our available Highland Park pest control services. We’re ready to go to work for you.