Irving Termite Treatment

Termites can be an issue for a wide range of folks, and Miss Phoebe’s is proud to provide highly effective, and safe, Irving termite treatment services to our long list of valued clients. If you suspect that your house or commercial building is a home for damaging termites, or you would like a professional inspection for your own peace of mind, then we invite you to consult with our dedicated staff.

The city of Irving has a lot of great things going for it with the Toyota Music Factory serving as an entertainment hub for the DFW Metroplex. Unfortunately, it also features the perfect climate for termites. Here at Miss Phoebe’s, we’re focused on helping our clients enjoy everything about Irving, while making sure termites don’t crash the party.


About Miss Phoebe’s and our wide range of termite treatment services in Irving TX.

Miss Phoebe’s was established back in 1962 as the first woman-owned pest control company in the state of Texas. Now a division of Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, we allowed the Miss Phoebe’s brand to stand on its own as a testament to its longevity and history of success in helping members of the community with their termite problems.

We offer a full range of termite services — from Irving termite bait monitoring services to preventative measures, active infestation treatments, pre-treats and spot treatments. With our termite bait monitoring services in Irving TX — and related services — you can eliminate the presence of termites and prevent them from ever moving back in.

We offer these Irving termite treatment services to:

  • Home owners
  • Building owners
  • Property developers
  • Builders
  • And more

Termites are an issue for everyone. By feasting on wood and other products that contain cellulose, termites can create serious destruction. In some of the worst-case scenarios, termites can weaken entire structures and make them incredibly dangerous for occupants. To top it all off, termites can be found everywhere. It is only when termites make a structure their home they really start to be noticed.


Consult with Miss Phoebe’s about our Irving termite bait monitoring services and more

Luckily, Miss Phoebe’s has the knowledge and experience to tackle infestations of all sizes. We pride ourselves on using effective, safe means of identifying, eliminating and preventing these stubborn pests.

We’re ready to customize our Irving termite treatment services to meet your needs. Connect with our team right now to get started.