McKinney Rodent Control

Many people assume pest control just includes insects, but not with Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control! Our team of rodent control experts are trained to inspect and analyze your McKinney TX home or business for the slightest trace of a rodent infestation. If you feel you may be in need of our McKinney rodent trapping services, ask yourself if are you noticing any of the following signs?

Scratching noises in the walls or the attic

Gnaw marks

Openings around your home with grease rings around them


Urine smell

If so, it’s time to call Eco-Safe. With our McKinney rodent exclusion services, rodents can be a thing of the past. Seeing one or two rats or mice can be handled by placing a few traps but anything more can indicate a serious infestation.

Rodents can wreak havoc on your home in McKinney TX. They can chew through wires, which is extremely dangerous and can start a fire. If you have a lot of high foliage around your home, rodents can use the branches as easy ways to access your roof. With our rodent trapping services in McKinney TX, we can help you stop rodents from making a home inside of your home or business.

If you are worried about rodents in your home or business, Eco-Safe can help. We offer a comprehensive approach to rodent control services in McKinney TX that will give you and your family peace of mind while eliminating the rodent problem quickly and effectively.

Having been in the DFW metroplex for over 55 years, we’re experienced in protecting your health and your home from the dangers rodents bring with them: fleas, mites, droppings, and more. Since rats can fit through an opening the size of a quarter and mice the size of a dime, our Eco-Safe professionals are incredibly detailed in their inspection of your home. They are trained to seal any hole or opening rodents can squeeze through with our rodent exclusion work. With Eco-Safe, our customers receive extremely high quality rodent exclusion services in McKinney TX.

Just like every home in McKinney is different, so are our McKinney TX rodent control services and treatment plans. Your home is unique so why shouldn’t your service be too?

To keep rodents from infesting your home to begin with, we also offer preventative rodent control services in McKinney TX. With our rodent stations, Eco-Safe can monitor and resolve your problem before it even starts, keeping you in the clear. Contact Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control for a free inspection today.