McKinney Termite Treatment

Termites cause over $1 billion worth of damage around the world every year. Imagine what termites in your McKinney TX home or business could do. Structural damage is a huge risk and is also extremely dangerous. Treating for termites yourself may seem like a cheaper alternative. However, not only is properly treating for termites extremely difficult, when it comes to termites, if your treatment and makes the problem worse, it can cause treatment costs to go up even higher.

Why you should consider our professional Termite Treatment Services in McKinney TX:

That’s where Eco-Safe’s termite treatment services come in. With our termite division, Miss Phoebe’s, that’s been servicing the DFW Metroplex since the 1960’s, your home is in good hands. Not only are our termite treatments affordable, they are also effective.  Our technicians inspect efficiently and thoroughly to ensure your McKinney home or business is termite-free, and if it’s not, then we will establish a plan of attack that’s right for your home or business.

Whether you need termite treatment services or termite bait monitoring systems in McKinney TX, Miss Phoebe’s is here to eliminate the termite colony while keeping your home or business in one piece.

Our termite treatment services typically in McKinney TX include a liquid treatment in the area affected or around your whole home, crawl space included.

To prevent any future infestations, we recommend our McKinney termite bait monitoring services. By installing small monitors around the perimeter of your home or business, we can keep an eye on any activity that may pop up and treat it as necessary.

If you notice any of the following signs, contact us today to get started with our termite services:

Droppings, like a dark, powdery substance near baseboards or sills

Tunnels in wood – this also includes window and door frames

Ant-like insects around the building that are white in color

Flying, swarming insects

Audible chewing noises inside the walls (yes, you can hear them!)

While termites can be very frustrating to deal with, Eco-Safe and Miss Phoebe’s Pest Control will help you take care of all termite issues so you can focus on what matters to you. Reach out to us at 214-357-7373