Mesquite Pest Control Services

Mesquite pest control services are typically synonymous with the term “exterminator.” This term literally means to destroy everything, especially pests. While many people believe wiping out all pests around your home is the way to go, most people do not want toxins around their home or business. The typical “exterminator” relies on toxic materials that require less skill and inspection time. This is not only more dangerous, but often yields poorer results. On the other hand, Eco-Safe Professionals take the time to inspect and find the root of the issue so we can provide higher quality results without the use of toxins.

At our Mesquite pest control company, our goal is to take care of the bothersome pests, like roaches and ants, while keeping your environment safe. Our Mesquite pest control services will take care of pesky insects without the damage that traditional pesticides do.

Eco-Safe’s natural organic Mesquite pest control services are based on essential oils, meaning they are safe for people, children, and pets while still eliminating insects that can spread disease and harm your family. Eco-Safe’s Mesquite pest control services are vital in keeping your home or business clean, safe, and pest-free.

People choose our Mesquite pest control company over others because:

  • They want affordable, effective, and high-quality pest control
  • They care about their children and/or pets
  • They want to have a toxin free household or business
  • They strive to be healthy
  • They are chemically sensitive
  • They care about their customers and staff
  • Their building is LEED certified
  • And many more reasons!

Our Eco-Safe Professionals are trained to inspect and analyze your home for any problems or issues and will create a plan of attack tailored to fit your home or business and needs. Your pest control services in Mesquite TX don’t need to be harsh or toxic to get the job done.

Using our pest control services in Mesquite TX are a great way to protect your home or business. For homes, quarterly service is typically the best way to ensure pests are not a recurring problem in and around your home. With Eco-Safe’s quarterly pest control services, you will have 90-day coverage between your appointments. Did ants invade your kitchen a month after service? We’ll come back and do a complimentary spot treatment to keep your home pest-free. For businesses, monthly or quarterly are the most common options which depends on the level of pest activity, if it is a restaurant or a high traffic area and other factors.

Our Mesquite pest control company services schools, homes, retail stores and many other places. If you want to promote a family friendly, pet friendly, or LEED certified environment – call on Eco-Safe Pest Control. Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control can help you with ants, roaches, silverfish, earwigs, termites, wasps, fleas, ticks, case making clothes moths, rodents and more!

Only want certain pests targeted? While we can provide any method of service our customers require, we can target and protect your home or business from specific pests. We can do this because our Mesquite pest control services are custom tailored to fit each customer’s needs. Some of our customers request that the want Spiders to remain in their garden to help eat flies, gnats, and insects that tamper with your plants while others do not want them. Honeybees pollinate the flowers and greenery around your home, and we will almost always recommend relocation services unless there is a danger to people. At Eco-Safe, we can help with wildlife. While some people want possums removed, it is important to know that Opossums eat ticks in your yard and can almost never contract rabies. So, if you are not concerned for a pet, the possum is not entering your home, and you are not bothered by the possum, it is typically best to just leave the possum be. We care about our customers and will take the time to ensure each one of our customers are happy with their service.

If natural organic pest control services in Mesquite TX are right for you, call our office at 214-358-5201 to schedule your complimentary inspection. Our technicians will keep your home shielded from pests so you can focus on what really matters.