Plano Mosquito Spray Systems

How can yard care complement your Plano mosquito spray misting systems? Many clients do not realize that holistic organic lawn care can enhance the effectiveness of their Plano mosquito spray services and pest control efforts.

In fact, a healthy lawn and landscaping plan is protective against pests and even weed invaders. At Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, we offer a full battery of Plano mosquito misting systems, regular spray services and other solutions that can help protect your family and pets from mosquitoes all year long. Let us show you the benefits of our mosquito spray services in Plano TX.  If you’ve just moved to Plano to work at Toyota’s Headquarters or are a long time resident, make sure you’re covered.


How Plano mosquito spray misting systems and services can help you and your family

Eco-Safe® offers certified natural organic approaches that are designed to reduce mosquito populations through safe, ecologically-friendly compounds. Instead of traditional, highly toxic pesticides, our team offers Plano mosquito spray services that utilizes our own EcoSafe® products. Garlic and thyme are active ingredients in our mosquito spray solution, and it is administered via high-pressure spray rigs.

In addition to the customized systems that we can design and implement, we also offer yard services that support the effectiveness of your mosquito spray misting systems in Plano TX.

These include:

  • Identifying locations in which mosquitoes might breed
  • Removing standing water throughout your property
  • Improving the health of your lawn to make it more resistant to pests
  • Applying natural mosquito yard repellent
  • Eliminating breeding sites via In2care and other methods
  • Installing continuous-spray mosquito misting systems in Plano TX

When you choose Eco-Safe®, you are able to use your yard almost immediately after application of our natural mosquito repellent. Our natural approach to mosquito control leaves your yard smelling strongly of Italian herbs but does not include any toxic chemicals that can harm your family or pets. It has been referred by our customers as the Italian Kitchen treatment and the smell will dissipate in about three hours, but the protection remains.

We have been providing high-quality Plano mosquito spray misting systems for more than 50 years for our valued residential and commercial clients. We can’t wait to start working for you. Contact our team today to schedule your no-cost assessment and learn more about our specials and guarantees for your satisfaction.