Plano Pest Control Services

If you prefer organic lawn care methods, your home landscaping may benefit from an organic approach to Plano pest control services. At Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, we offer the lowest-impact options for controlling a wide variety of insects and other pests along with specialty treatments like natural organic lawn fertilization.

Instead of resorting to highly toxic chemicals for your home’s pest control treatments, our Plano pest control company offers gentler approaches that improve the health of your entire landscaping plan while delivering the results you want and need. Choosing the right provider of pest control services in Plano TX can seem overwhelming — let Eco-Safe® take the guesswork out of your choice.

With well over 100,000 residents moving into Frisco and Plano as a result of the Toyota Corporate Headquarters relocation, Eco-Safe® wants both long-time residents and newcomers to know that we are ultra-effective in fending off pest infestations of all kind.

Our organization, which is certified by the Texas Organic Research Center, offers the responsive, reliable and effective care that you expect from a pest control company in Plano TX.

We have pest control services in Plano TX that can eliminate such infestations as:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Wasps
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Moths
  • And, more


Longer-term results with our Plano pest control services

Effective pest control involves more than simply applying a barrage of chemicals. In fact, choosing natural organic options for pest control and lawn health delivers longer-term solutions that do not damage your plants. Instead of using toxic chemicals, choosing a natural organic approach actually builds up the soil’s nutrients and natural defenses. Eco-Safe® is a Plano pest control company that focuses on the healthier long-term results that eliminate the need for constant pesticide application.

Instead of a “spray and pray” technique, Eco-Safe® technicians take the time to craft a custom plan for your individual needs. Our assessment considers the features of your home, landscape and soil profile that make your lawn and residence unique. We create personalized plans for Plano pest control based on an analysis of these individual characteristics.

Even better, our long-lasting approach to pest control in Plano TX is designed to be entirely safe for your family, pets and local environment. You will no longer have to sacrifice valuable time that you could be spending outside with your family and beloved animals.


Proud to serve Plano and the surrounding area

Eco-Safe® has built a robust portfolio of commercial and residential clients. With an influx of newcomers to staff the Toyota production plant, we’re constantly reaching out to new neighbors to help them with their pest control.

Choose the natural organic option in Plano pest control services to support the health of your yard, your family and your overall community. Eco-Safe® tackles nearly all types of pests, including rodents and mosquitoes. Contact our team today for a no-cost initial consultation.