Plano Termite Treatment

Protect your home or commercial building from the damaging effects of termites by enlisting the help of proven Plano termite treatment services. Here at Miss Phoebe’s, a division of Eco-Safe®, we have been in this business for over 50 years.

In fact, Miss Phoebe’s is the first woman-owned pest control business ever established in the state of Texas, which truly underscores our longevity and our proven track record of impeccable service in this business. With our Plano termite bait monitoring services, active infestation treatments, preventative services, pre-treats and spot treatments, we are able to eliminate existing infestations and keep future instances from ever occurring.

Plano is a community that is expanding at an incredible pace ­— aided by the recent relocation of Toyota’s Corporate Headquarters. At Miss Phoebe’s, we’re enthusiastic about working with both new residence, and those who have resided here for decades!


Reliable, proven termite treatment services in Plano TX

As subterranean termites feast on wood and other products containing cellulose, it can weaken the structure of your home or building and ruin other important items, such as furniture, carpeting, books and art work. Whether you have already observed the tell-tale signs of an infestation (i.e. damaged wood or mud tubes) or are unsure and want to welcome in our team for termite bait monitoring services in Plano TX, our professionals will get to the bottom of your needs.

We take the time and precaution to closely observe and analyze the extent of your infestation and then we go to work tailoring our Plano termite treatment services to meet your specific needs. We utilize the safest possible methods of treating your property for termites, including non-toxic baits.


Talk to us more about our Plano termite bait monitoring service and more

As a home or commercial building owner that probably doesn’t know much about termite and termite damage, we know you most likely have questions and are nervous about the potential destruction to your building. Eco-Safe® has answers!

We invite you to consult with the men and women behind our Plano termite treatment services and do something about your termite issues.