Richardson Rodent Control

Shouldn’t your provider of Richardson rodent control services offer more than just baiting and trapping? At Eco-Safe® Natural Pest Control, we believe that effective Richardson rodent exclusion services begin with prevention — after all, if the rodents cannot enter your home or facility, they cannot cause as many problems.

Eco-Safe® can even bring our service to large commercial facilities — some with sensitive needs — like those found in the Telecom Corridor here in Richardson (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, etc.)

We work closely with residents and businesses throughout Richardson to ensure that this prevalent pest is kept in check. Don’t put yourself at risk of germs, diseases and destruction to your home or building.  Out local Richardson rodent control teams are ready to help.

Instead of seeking out a provider that only offers Richardson rodent trapping services, why not consider the experts in physical exclusion? Eco-Safe® keeps mice, rats, squirrels, and other wildlife out of your building, protecting the health and safety of your residents and occupants. Let us show you the difference in our less-toxic and customized approach to rodent control services in Richardson TX.

Avoiding highly toxic compounds with Eco-Safe’s Richardson rodent control services

You could try to control rodent populations at your home or business through simple trap and bait services. However, if you fail to address the root of the problem, you will find yourself facing the same old issues, spending a lot of time and money fighting the rodent infestation that our Richardson rodent control services team can prevent.

Instead, why not consider working with a qualified team like Eco-Safe® to identify the right approach to Richardson rodent exclusion services? Our team uses a customized approach to treating problem areas that could lead to infestation. These often include the safest possible rodenticides and bait.

We believe in transparency and honesty and no matter who says it, there is no such thing as a risk-free rodenticide, but Eco-Safe knows how to implement strategies that our Richardson rodent control services team will get you the results you need without taking unnecessary risks.  This includes our rodenticides that contain no active ingredients. Active ingredients are, however, found in our monitoring baits, which we use to monitor populations for ongoing protection.

Eco-Safe’s rodent exclusion services in Richardson TX address:

  • Openings greater than a fourth-inch throughout your facility
  • Intersections between utility lines and walls, along with openings near air conditioning system elements, drain pipes, and vents
  • Broken windows, warped doors and unprotected vents
  • Shingles that are loose or missing sheathing
  • Roof ventilators, screen vents and wall vents

You deserve more than simple rodent trapping services in Richardson TX. Solve the problem once and for all with the help of the comprehensive, customized Richardson rodent control services at Eco-Safe®. Contact our team today for your no-cost assessment. All exclusion work comes with a 12-month guarantee!