The Colony Termite Treatment

Termites are an incredibly dangerous insect because they can weaken the infrastructure of a building, making it dangerous for any occupants. That is why it is so important to monitor your home for termites on a regular basis, especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Miss Phoebe’s is the trusted name that the Colony TX know for preventative and active termite control.

Miss Phoebe’s Pest Control, a division of Eco-Safe® Dallas Pest Control, has decades of experience handling termites in all different stages of infestation, including prevention as well. The Colony termite treatment services do not have to be expensive to be effective, and you deserve to feel safe in your home or business without having your wallet gouged.

With our free visual inspections, you can have an experienced Pest Professional examine your home for termites or other pests at no charge. Your Pest Professional will inspect each aspect of your home, analyze them for termite activity, and create a plan of action with you to best eliminate an active infestation or prevent one from occurring to begin with.

What termite treatment services in The Colony TX does Miss Phoebe’s offer?

  • If you have an active termite colony, we can perform a full liquid treatment to eliminate the colony and any remaining activity
  • We also perform annual inspections after treatment to ensure they do not return. With these inspections comes a warranty you can pay a small yearly fee for, meaning if we find any active termites, we will treat them at no extra charge.
  • If you are looking for termite prevention, we offer The Colony termite bait monitoring services. This involves installing a series of bait stations (appearing like sprinkler heads) around the perimeter of your home and checking them every three months or annually for activity.

Whether you own a brand-new home, building a new home or building, or you have been there for years in The Colony TX, termites do not discriminate when searching for a place to nest. You can look for signs like these:

  • Tube systems made of mud
  • Marks or holes in wood
  • Sawdust
  • Bubbling in drywall
  • Small, light-colored insects that may have wings and look similar to ants without a pinched waist

Miss Phoebe’s Dallas Pest Control has helped countless homeowners protect their homes from termites since our company was founded in 1962 as the first woman-owned pest control company. We know that dealing with an infestation may be bothersome or even nerve wracking, but we are here for you because we care. Our The Colony TX termite treatment services will protect your home or business without busting the budget or using unsafe methods. Contact our office at 214-357-7373 today to schedule your free visual inspection.