Falling Leaves and Crawling Pests

By on September 29th, 2020

Leaves are Falling, and Pests are Crawling

Autumn is arguably one the most beautiful times of year in Dallas, TX, with red-orange leaves raining down from Oak trees and cool, crisp air providing relief from summer’s mugginess. Days become shorter and shorter while evenings grow cooler and cooler. As the summer season fades, so too will a lot of pest activity in DFW, especially ants, or so it seems. Many pests are still going to be there, but just not out as much in the open. Furthermore, some pests are only just starting to rear their ugly heads this Fall. Three to look out for are wasps, roaches, and rodents. 

Overall, wasps are considered the “jerks” of the insect kingdom. After all, only a few wasp species pollinate consistently, and they don’t die after they sting you. Wasps become more active this time of year as temperatures start to cool down, but they cannot survive the hard freezes brought on by winter. While searching for food, wasps are attracted to sweets and sources of protein, such as burgers cooking on the grill. When it comes to human interaction, it is very tempting to flinch or run away from wasps, but it is crucial NOT to make quick movements as this is threatening to them. It is important to prevent even one sting, because some people are allergic to bee/wasp stings and wasps also release pheromones when they sting you, signaling other wasps to attack. 

Are Roaches bigger in Dallas TX?

While they can’t sting you, roaches can be just as frightening as wasps to some people. Roaches are pathogen-carrying insects that leave droppings behind and can sometimes fly. These insects will even eat each other’s corpses, but most roach activity is seen in the bathroom and the kitchen where they have access to plumbing for entry and cabinets for shelter. Contrary to popular belief, roaches can infest even the cleanest of homes, spreading bacteria and contaminating the materials they come in contact with wherever they go.


Noises in the attic in Dallas TX?

Though they can be cute, rodents are also the most hazardous pest we’ve mentioned thus far. When the weather cools down, they seek shelter and warmth in houses, running, and gnawing on wires and destroying any obstacles in their way. Gnawing on wires like that can cause house fires, which is one of the main dangers rodents present. They can also destroy the wiring in your car – yes, even if you keep it in the garage! If you are hearing noises in the attic, it is typically a telltale sign that there could be a rodent issue. Keep an eye out for small holes around the perimeter of your home, strong urine smells, scratch/gnaw marks in wood, or any other indications of an infestation. 

Fall is an important time for pest control services in Dallas TX

While ants may not be as active and mosquitoes seemingly start to dissipate and then suddenly reappear until winter is here, this is the time to take action. Many pests infest and make new homes under the radar or expand their current territories so to speak. We offer free visual inspections if you are looking to start service due to a specific pest worry or sighting as well as affordable general pest control quarterly services for protection from general pests.

While Fall is arguably the best season, it has its own set of challenges, pest and otherwise. Thankfully, Eco-Safe is prepared to handle your pest problems at any time of year. Reach out to our office at 214-358-5201 to schedule your complimentary inspection today!