Flies and Bones

February 21, 2020 by

Can Bugs Can be Crime Fighters Too? A Brief Summary of Forensic Entomology Everyone loves a good crime escapade, whether it’s the cops catching the robber, a detective tracking a serial killer, or Bonnie and Clyde falling in love. Television does a great job portraying the thrill of the…

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Pest Control for Schrute Farms

February 14, 2020 by

Did you know that Eco-Safe Pest Control services farms in addition to homes and businesses? Read the transcript below to learn about Dwight Schrute’s reaction to Eco-Safe and how Eco-Safe could help protect his farm from pests when other pest control companies could not. If you are an Office…

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Supernatural Termites

February 07, 2020 by

Everyone loves a fantasy, be it vampires, paradise, the perfect car, you name it. One of the most popular genres across most types of media, such as books and tv, is fantasy, especially the supernatural. Supernatural, the tv show, is a popular saga detailing the journey of two brothers,…

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