Insects and Independence Day

By on July 21st, 2020

Independence Day is a time of celebration, celebrating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. On a less symbolic level, the Fourth of July is a time for barbeques, beer, and bonfires. Pool parties and cookouts dominate public venues, and red, white, and blue decor covers the nation. Oftentimes, Independence Day is also known for firework shows.

From big booms that light up the night to small crackles that fizzle out almost immediately, fireworks are a mix of light and fire that create art shifting in the sky. While fireworks are man-made, nature has its form of these light shows: fireflies. While they do have wings and “fly” makes up half their name, fireflies are a type of beetle. Just like ladybugs, fireflies are commonly mistaken for another type of insect but they only belong to the beetle family. They actually have hardened wing cases, called elytra, that their wings get tucked into and are only pulled out when they need them. Be it from flight or when landed, a firefly’s flash is a mating signal, a dance of lights bringing two fireflies together. Interestingly enough, fireflies can synchronize their flashing as a group, like fireworks that explode at the same time across the sky.

Other types of insects that can be associated with the Fourth of July include flies. How you may ask? Riddle me this: do you face the constant struggle of having to cover up your hot dogs and watermelon to keep them fly-free? Do you find yourself fanning your hand in front of your face when a fly buzzes by? Celebrating the Fourth commonly means outdoor picnics and barbeques in the middle of the summer heat, in the middle of the fly season. Unfortunately, that means a few stray flies in your food (if you are lucky, maybe just one): one stuck in the ketchup, one burnt on the grill, and maybe one or two in an open soda can. While many would say flies are just a nuisance, you can not truly have a fly-free Fourth unless it is inside.

The worst pest that rears its ugly head on the Fourth of July is the mosquito. While flies may be bothersome during a cookout, mosquitoes are downright aggravating, not to mention unsafe. Mosquitoes are the most lethal animal on the planet, spreading diseases such as the West Nile virus, Zika virus, Malaria, and more. They even spread heartworm in dogs and cats. That is where Eco-Safe Dallas Natural Pest Control comes in. Our Dallas natural organic mosquito services are safe for people, pets, and even the environment. That means no more swatting and slapping incessantly to stop bug bites; you can enjoy your yard during a barbeque or pool party. Whether you are watching fireworks from your car or cooking up burgers on the grill, you can enjoy an insect-free Independence Day thanks to Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier pest control company. Take back your backyard on the Fourth of July with Eco-Safe’s Dallas Natural Pest Control mosquito treatments.