Insects in the Movies

By on June 13th, 2020

While many movies and tv shows use CGI and other visual effects to portray insects, some use real bugs to give the audience that true feeling of being uncomfortable and on edge. Movies such as “Spider-Man” (the original film with Toby Maguire) and “Jurassic Park” utilized live insects when filming. Entomologist Steven Kutcher has worked on hundreds of major projects and motion pictures, and he stresses the importance of corralling the insects versus training them. On a movie set, you don’t have the luxury of time, so learning insect behavior and how to control them is key.

There are multiple ways to guide bugs into moving the way you want them to. You can blow air at them at high speeds, put them on a hot surface (which pushes the line of ethics), or lower the temperature of the room they are in. Kutcher has devised other methods of control like using a paintbrush or “invisible vibrating wires,” to control insects in regards to their nervous systems and system biology.

In “Spider-Man,” Kutcher worked with Maguire while filming the scene where Peter Parker gets bitten by the iconic spider. The entomologist would hover over Maguire with a paintbrush and with a light tap, the spider would web down. In “Jurassic Park,” he developed the dead “mosquitoes” in amber. They were live crane flies with another species’ antennae. In his first big project, “Exorcist II,” Kutcher had to handle over three thousand live locusts at a time. By using their light-affinity to his advantage, he was able to use a large studio light to guide them into the place he needed them to be for the perfect shot.

While insects may be bothersome to most, Kutcher has a rule that “no bugs are hurt during production,” be it a spider, a mosquito, or any other bug. However, he also strives to make sure any human actors aren’t injured or negatively impacted by the insects as well. When using scorpions, he makes small tips to cover their stingers that blend in to prevent any accidents. Though he can get his creatures from pet stores, Kutcher mainly collects the samples himself. Insects are not difficult to find and capture, especially in rural or urban areas.

Insects and pests in Dallas TX are everywhere!

Here in North Texas, insects seem to be anywhere you turn. See a nearby creek? It’s likely filled to the brim with mosquitoes. See a large pile of leaves on the ground? Roaches have probably made it their home because of the moisture and darkness it offers. That’s where we come in.

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