Never Have I Ever Seen A Roach in Dallas

By on April 30th, 2020

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are surrounded by insects. Insects outnumber people about ten trillion to one. Insects, both beneficial and pests are also all around us in the news, our favorite movies, tv shows, and sometimes even our food. Next time you use make-up or eat something red, check to see if Carminic acid is on the ingredient list. If so, that product has insect parts in it! Yikes. Never have I Ever is a new hit show on Netflix, and it seems that in almost every episode pests are brought up. Devi, Poorna, and even Trent have all referenced roaches. Trent even slapped Ben on his face when he mistook Ben’s pimple for a roach on his face. As farfetched as that sounds, Trent apologized and said he thought it was a roach since their high school has a roach infestation problem. Eco-Safe helps schools in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with non-toxic pest control services for schools to not have that issue.

In Dallas, roach infestations are more common than one would think. Most restaurants, grocery stores, and even homes can relate to having some variant of a roach issue in the past. This article will help you to distinguish between two of the most common roach issues found in Dallas and how a professional pest control company, like Eco-Safe, can help.

Typically, a roach infestation in Dallas boils down to a specific question: Are the roaches you are seeing about the size of your thumb, or about the size of your pinky’s fingernail?

American cockroaches, also commonly referred to as the infamous water bug, are going to be the roaches the size of your thumb. These roaches usually make their way inside your home or business after a change in the weather, like a heavy rain. If you are seeing only a few large one here and there, this is not usually the sign of a serious issue. Ensuring plumbing access points under all sinks are sealed and updating weather stripping are two excellent ways to help stop seeing large American roaches. Another thing that can be done is to utilize insect bulbs for your porch lighting. This will help to reduce attractions to American roaches as well as other pests.

American roaches are also sometimes known to live in drains, but usually these roaches have come from the outside. While it is possible roaches can come up from the sewer into your home, it is more likely that they found their way inside some other way. If you have ever seen a roach crawl outside of a sink, this roach most likely crawled in from the inside. If roaches are proliferating in the sewer, the city will need to treat it to help reduce roach populations as pest control companies cannot. If you frequently see small American cockroaches, then this can be a sign of a bigger issue. It is best to let a trained pest control technician inspect your home or business and positively ID the species before anything is done.

If your answer to the main question is the size of your pinky nail, then you may just have a German cockroach issue. Unfortunately for Dallas and Fort Worth, German cockroaches are rather common, yet difficult to effectively treat. German roaches love anything that exudes heat and they will commonly be found in and around kitchen equipment, electrical outlets, and even computers (yikes!). German roaches are excellent hitch hikers and are usually transported inside a home or business from somewhere else. In the Dallas restaurant scene, German roaches are very common because they love corrugated cardboard. Cardboard boxes are very common in food distribution industries. German roaches love it because they can feed on the glue and feel extremely safe in the cavities. It only takes very few German roaches before they explode in population.

Our professional Dallas cockroach treatment services are top notch and the inspections are free. There are many more species of cockroaches alive and well in Dallas Fort Worth. The German Cockroach and American Cockroach are just examples of two prominent roaches in Dallas. When you see roaches, it is always best to remain calm, receive a positive ID, and take immediate action. Feel free to text us pictures of roaches you are seeing if you need us to identify what Dallas cockroach you might be seeing. Our number is 214-348-5201. Waiting too long to deal with roaches can lead to people mistaking other things for roaches because when roach issues get bad, they can be anywhere and everywhere. Stay safe, wash your hands, and remember to call Eco-Safe Pest Control if you ever see a roach in Dallas.