O Possum, My Opossum!

By on March 10th, 2020

While many of us will probably never buddy up with an opossum living underneath our home in Dallas or Fort Worth like Peter Griffin does in Rhode Island, it is important to learn about possums and what makes them significant. In Family Guy’s Season 18, Episode 12 “Undergrounded” Peter gets his own credit card, unbeknownst to Louis, spends too much and ends up being grounded by his wife. Peter feels like he is in prison while he is grounded and acts as such as he tries to break out of his own home when he could have just walked through the front door. However, his antics leads to the inspiration for this article. After Peter falls through his garage floor while trying to escape being grounded by Louis, his wife, he sees his future tv show host.

Peter: “Hey, possum.”

Possum: “It’s actually o-possum.”

Peter: “O, is it?”

The possum correcting Peter about its name are a perfect metaphor for how people usually perceive possums different from what they really are for our environment. Possums are extremely misunderstood animals. In fact, possums and opossums are two completely different animals as the Possum in Family Guy correctly points out. In the United States, we use the words interchangeably; however, in Australia a possum is something that is described as a cross between a chinchilla and a squirrel. Other important facts are possums are the only marsupial to live in the United States, is not typically able to carry rabies, and helps to control diseases like Lyme disease. If you happen to see a possum strolling through your yard, it is typically best to not take any action and let them do your think. Possums usually do more good than harm and can be very helpful in controlling ticks. The only time action needs to be taken is when possums make their home in your home or business or if a possum happens to be aggressive/ poses danger to a pet or family member. It is important to note that possums are typically not aggressive and are rather docile. If cornered, they may attack or play possum.

As the premier Dallas pest control and wildlife control company, Eco-Safe sees many situations where possums have made their way into homes and businesses. Possums living underneath your home in a crawl space or in your attic are more common than you would think.

Can possums live in your crawl space?

Yes. Possums can and will live in crawl spaces. Typically, possums are simply seeking refuge and if they feel safe, they can make under your home their home.

Can possums live in your attic?

Possums are notorious for finding their way into attics typically through openings. It is important to constantly inspect the perimeter of your home for possible entry points and take preventative action to properly seal openings.

How can possums affect your home or business?

While it is usually best to leave possums be when you see them, there can be some downsides. Opossums can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, trichomoniasis, Chagas and other diseases. Possums can carry fleas as well and if they take refuge in an attic or crawl space, can bring fleas into homes and businesses. On the positive side, possums help to control ticks, roaches, and rodents.

Remember, if you need to enlist professional Dallas pest control services call Eco-Safe Pest Control for all your pest control and wildlife control needs. On a final note, opossums are typically more beneficial then they would be harmful and if you need any help when it comes to controlling wildlife be sure to call us!