Spiders in Dallas TX

By on August 31st, 2020

Few pests are as hated as spiders; they are eight-legged arachnids that fit the very definition of “creepy crawlies” for many people. I mean, eight eyes? Isn’t that a little excessive? They can also be anywhere from one millimeter long to one foot long, though thankfully we don’t typically see spiders that large in Dallas-Fort Worth.

While spiders can be unsightly, they are the original exterminators. These arachnids (spiders are not insects!) will eat a lot of the insects that make their way inside, clearing up some of the pest activity you see. Like opossums, spiders are more beneficial to their environment than they are harmful (unless you are a bug of course). Generally, when you leave a spider be, it will leave you be. However, many people have phobias of spiders so while they may not always pose a legitimate threat, there are many legitimate reasons to have a spider-free home.

Though spiders can go almost anywhere in your home, they typically stick to areas that are dark with a food supply, including your front and back porches, garage, attic, bathrooms, and around the baseboards. Since spiders set up webs in these places, they never have to worry about paying for delivery – their food comes to them.

In the DFW area, there are only two medically relevant types of spiders: black widows and brown recluses. There are certainly other species of spiders in Dallas TX, but the rest are not as much of a cause for concern. While venomous and non-venomous spiders can bite people and animals just the same, not all do so, and most will not unless they are provoked, feel threatened, or are guarding their eggs.

There are three basic steps involved in getting rid of spiders in your home in Dallas TX:

  1. Eliminating a spider’s habitat and preventing entry
  2. Removing their food supply (insects!)
  3. Treating them directly (general pest control treatment residuals do not directly impact spiders, but do affect their food supply)

Eliminating a spider’s environment can be as simple as knocking down any cobwebs or spiderwebs you see as soon as you see them. The next step after doing this, which can be a bit more complicated, is finding all possible entry points spiders can be using and to ensure all weather stripping is up to date so that there are no openings where the spiders can enter your home or business. Removing their source of food and treating them is typically done by Pest Professionals, like the technicians here at Eco-Safe Natural Pest Control in Dallas TX. By reducing pest populations in and around a home or business, we can effectively reduce spider populations by reducing their food source. We offer preventative pest control treatments in Dallas TX to keep spiders from rebuilding their webs in similar places, and we also offer emergency services if you have seen any black widows or brown recluses.

When it comes to spiders, there is no one better to handle them than the original BugBusters® here at Eco-Safe®. If you want to make spiders outsiders, reach out to our office at 214-358-5201 to schedule your complimentary pest inspection today!