The Significance of the Honey Bee

By on September 15th, 2020

Why Are Honey Bees So Important?

Bees are a miracle of nature – they can fly even though their bodies are mathematically too heavy for their wings. Bees also can visit thousands of plants just in one day. In doing so, they pollinate about one-third of the food Americans eat daily. These small insects carry American agriculture on their backs and contribute to the economy by producing useful resources like honey and beeswax. Nature’s striped pollinators are crucial to the entire world’s ecosystem.
The primary contribution bees bring to the table is their role in commercial crop production. Over 90 different crops, including apples, melons, and pumpkins as a few examples, depend on bees to be pollinated and flourish. Domestic agriculture relies on bees, meaning the current bee crisis is having a devastating effect in some areas.

Bees also pollinate many wild plants, visiting thousands of flowers per day. They have specialized structures, like little baskets, on their legs that they use to carry the pollen, allowing them to carry 35% of their bodyweight’s worth in pollen.
While many people in Dallas TX fear these super-producers, in reality, they are quite domicile and generally will not attack unless provoked. Unfortunately, as most people know, a bee typically will die after stinging a person. People are encouraged to leave bees alone because, in today’s climate, every honey bee does count.

Bees are producers in 6 ways

Another reason bees are so important is their natural ability to create six different hive products: the most economically important being honey, followed by beeswax, and in no particular order, royal jelly, pollen, propolis, and venom. All of these are used for both nutritional and medicinal purposes.

Lately, the phrase “Save the Bees” has made its way across every social media platform. While some dismiss it as a fad, it is indicative of a crisis the human race is facing: our bees are disappearing.
In light of this problem, Eco-Safe Pest Control is and has been dedicated to preserving bee life as much as possible. Our general pest control products are natural organic with unique application methods designed not to target pollinators. Our mosquito services are even safe for bees, as well as people and pets. When it comes to hive infestations, our trained Pest Professionals take caution in removal and relocation whenever possible. We are also mindful of the beneficial effects honey bees and other insects have for gardens and are careful not to disturb those small ecosystems.


Bee concerns or questions in Dallas TX?

Dallas TX is home to many honey bees as well as beekeepers. Bees need to be protected and pest control companies need to do their part to help keep bees safe. While bees are beneficial, allergies to them are not, and since they can be fatal, Eco-Safe offers same-day emergency appointments to protect you and your family. We need bees, but bees are best outside and away from a home. If you have a problem with bees, know you can call Eco-Safe Pest Control today at 214-358-5201 to schedule your free inspection, send in pictures, or ask us any questions you may have.