The Witcher, The Roachbuster, & The Roach

By on January 11th, 2020

In the newest Netflix sensation, the Witcher, Geralt of Rivera names his horse Roach. Great Name! Or maybe. You might be wondering why Geralt would name his beloved horse Roach? We will get to this later.

Inspired by Roach, we would like to share with you about one of the most misunderstood pests in the world. We aren’t saying they’re wonderful or as loveable as Roach in the Witcher, but roaches are very misunderstood.

a horse running

If you walk into a home, restaurant, or business and see a roach, what are the first thoughts that comes to your mind? Dirty; disgusting; unclean: the list goes on and on. However, even though cleanliness can help to reduce roach populations, sometimes a roach issue can occur even in the most sterile environment.

We would like to share with you SIX scenarios in which you might see roaches inside a home or business:


1. If it’s cold outside, they may just be seeking warmth
2. If it rains outside, they may just be seeking shelter
3. If you have a dead animal in your attic or crawl space, they’re just looking for food
4. Sometimes they just happen to exit the sewer into your bathroom.
5. Roaches could have hitchhiked a ride on goods or produce
6. They can come in from neighboring structures – this is especially common in townhomes, strip malls, apartments, and condos


So, remember, seeing a roach somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean a space is not clean. What it does mean is that roaches were able to get in somehow or someway whether it be from the outside, a neighboring structure, or brought in. Ew, why would someone bring roaches inside? Unfortunately, this is very common especially in the restaurant industry as German roaches love things like corrugated cardboard. They live inside it and the glue is one of their favorite snacks. Prevention and control are key when it comes to roaches in any structure. Cleanliness, proper food storage, clutter free and proper insect exclusion will help significantly.

The only way to ensure roaches do not follow you like Roach follows Geralt is to have your home, restaurant, or businesses regular inspected, keep it clean, and have protective preventative and protective treatments completed.

I don’t mean a barrier, like an actual wall (unless you go the route of an insect exclusion), but rather having a barrier of pest control product. By monitoring and/ or treating the perimeter as well as the plumbing, your roach problem can become a thing of the past.

We know what you’re wondering now… how do you ID some of the common roaches you have probably seen? The big roach you typically see inside home that everyone is afraid of is normally going to be your American roach (the fat, long bugs with furry-looking legs). American roaches are one of the easier roaches to control which differs greatly from German roaches even though they are smaller. German roaches are typically brought inside or are already in a neighboring structure.

German roaches are typically the length of your pinky nail and are usually dark brown with a light brown stripe down their backs. Making matters worse, their droppings look like little flakes of pepper. German roaches love dishwashers, ovens, and fridges because the machinery is nice and warm. You likely won’t see them crawling around during the day unless there is a disturbance or large infestation, but they normally choose the night to create chaos in your home or business. Because they are vehemently nocturnal, if you see a handful during the day that means the infestation is already well underway.

If you’re worried about your home becoming a roach haven, be it American, German, Oriental, essentially every kind of Roach other than Roach from the Witcher (we love him), call the Eco-Safe® Roachbusters® at 214-358-5201 to schedule a free inspection. We will send an Eco-Safe Professional to inspect and speak with you about what treatment would best suit you and your home/business free of charge.