Common Causes of Insect and Wildlife Infestations in Dallas Homes: Schitt’s Creek Edition

By on March 31st, 2020

Living in Dallas Fort Worth there are lots of benefits. Beautiful weather, great people, interesting history, and many things to do. One major drawback are pests, specifically insects and wildlife. The affect of pests are amplified, especially if you live near a lake, creek, or bog.

Insects and wildlife all have their role and many hold a significant one. It is important to realize that insects and wildlife only become pests when they interfere with or can interfere with people, pets, or structures in a negative way. First we will go over a few common reasons of why pests might be attracted to and entering your home or business. Then, we will dive a little deeper into the pests that are always pests and how they got inside.

The exterior of your Dallas home could be attracting pests.

Insects and wildlife coming from the outdoors are looking for three essential things: food, water, and shelter. Our homes and businesses are ideal for pests to thrive. When it comes to successful Dallas pest control, it is important for home and business owners to regular keep an eye out for conducive conditions. Firewood or any kind of wood or debris against a structure is a prime example of a conducive condition that home and business owners can correct. By taking away the firewood, you can help to eliminate pests from entering your Dallas home!


Did you know that firewood is an attractant for pests including ants and termites? Wood piles and other debris against a structure provide perfect home for pests. Next time you are outside, be sure to check behind and under that woodpile against your home. You may very well be surprised! Be sure to check the wood before bringing it in your home as you may also bring in any pests living on it.


Dallas pets like cats and dogs can bring pests inside.

In Dallas, now more than ever, people are outside and walking their pets. Indoor/ outdoor cats are very common as well as dogs. Did you know that our pets can bring in pests? Fleas and ticks are two common pests that can be brought into your home relatively easily via pets. Your pets can even be affected by pests! Mosquitoes can transmit heart worms to our beloved furry friends. The best way to combat this is keep your pets well groomed, brushed, and have regular vet check-ups.

Dallas puppy

Indoor/outdoor cats are notorious for bringing in fleas; however, even taking your dog on a walk or letting your dog play in your yard can also be a culprit. Sometimes fleas make their way inside, not because of your pets, but because of wildlife. Possums, raccoons, and rodents that make their way into your home or business or make their home around your home, can be a cause for concern. Not only can they bring in fleas and mites, but they can cause damage and spread disease.

Rats, mice, and insect only need small openings to get inside of your Dallas home.


Dallas roof

Small gaps and holes might be letting pests and wildlife inside your Dallas home or business. Small cracks, holes, and voids might just be the entry point pests are using to get inside your home. Look around your home or business to see if there are gaps larger than the size of a dime for rodents and even smaller for ants and roaches. Our professional Dallas pest control services can help by performing insect and/or pest exclusions.


Many pests are excellent hitchhikers and travel can be the culprit.

Some pests are always pest and the only way they can get into our homes is by people. Bed bugs do not come from outside on their own, but are brought in. Bed bugs can be found in hospitals, movie theaters, public transportation, hotels, cabins, lake houses, and homes.

When traveling:

  • Use a flashlight to check around and under the bed frame and seams of mattresses and couches
  • Store your luggage and clothes off of the floor
  • Use effective natural preventative products such as EcoSafe’s Bed Bug X 
  • Inspect your suitcase or bag and wash/dry clothes on the highest heat they can take before unpacking them when you get home

Now to the title of the article. In the first season of Schitt’s Creek Johnny and Moira Rose realize they have a bedbug issue in their extended stay motel. They make reference to wanting to hire an exterminator and rightfully so. Bedbugs are very easy to get, but extremely difficult to get rid of. Later in the season, David ends up finding a bug and then loses it before he can kill it thanks to Stevie. David ends up freaking out and Stevie leaves him with the advice of not sleeping with his mouth open. If this happens to you in your Dallas or Fort Worth home, Eco-Safe has an emergency line and we can come to the rescue.