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By on December 17th, 2021

All of us have had an experience where we have seen something and think it is our neighbor’s fault. Sometimes that can be the case, but with pests and wildlife, the reasons truly can be numerous. One of the most unsettling things to happen in your Dallas TX home is when unexplained noises from the inside, outside, or above your head in your home. As a prominent Dallas pest control company, we receive these calls all the time. 

In Season 8 Episode 15 of Chrisley Knows BestChrisley Knows Pest, Nanny Faye experiences what many of us never want to experience, pests! Unfortunately, many of us do and many call Eco-Safe Natural Organic Pest Control Company in Dallas TX for help. 

The episode starts out with Nanny Faye talking about her composting endeavors as she refers to herself as a farm girl. 

Todd: Why are you taking everything off of your sandwich?

Nanny Faye: Well, I put it in my little container that I use to make compost

Todd: Why do you need compost?

Nanny Faye: I am a farm girl

Composting is a great idea, and we support it; however, if not kept properly, just like improperly sealed trash containers, composting can have unwanted consequences such as attracting numerous unwanted visitors. Nanny Faye is convinced her neighbors are the culprit because they are improperly disposing of their trash which she believes is attracting many different pests. This can definitely happen in Dallas and explains why there are so many pest control companies in Dallas TX. Luckily, Eco-Safe can help with all pest and wildlife issues in Dallas TX effectively, swiftly, and we are affordable. One of the most common wildlife issues truly becomes an issue for Dallas homeowners is when wildlife makes it inside. Noises in the attic, tunneling in the insulation, fleas, mites, gnawing of electrical wires, house fires are just some of the examples of what can happen. We utilize many different tools in our arsenal to ensure all our customers receive the service they need that will provide them the results they want. We do not believe in cookie-cutter services, and we pride ourselves on our experience. One of the tools we can use is our cameras. Cameras are helpful to identify a pest’s favorite entry points or even the species itself for when they are cryptic. 

Todd: Momma don’t forget your new security system goes in this week

Nanny Faye: Well, I am glad because I need to see what is going on out there in my yard

Todd: Do what?

Nanny Faye: I do not want to be a snitch, but I am having problems with my neighbors. They just not doing their trash can right. And all these critters are coming in and out. It is a real problem. It is not even safe for me to take Miley out.


A pest control company in Dallas TX that understands what you need!


While most wildlife (as long as they do not make it inside your home or business) is best to be left where they are, we also offer wildlife trapping and removal services in Dallas, TX. We completely understand if raccoons frequent your backyard where you may worry about your pets or children, just like Nanny Faye and her dog Miley. 


Nanny Faye: Now I am going to protect Miley and if a critter comes in, I got something waiting on them. 

Todd: What the hell do you have waiting on them? 

Nanny Faye: I got a .45 and I don’t want to have to use it, but if I have to I will 

Todd: Chuckles 

Many people can help prevent wildlife from being an issue around their Dallas home by taking various steps. For example: 

  • Keeping bushes and plants at least 3feet from your home’s structure
  • Using gravel as a perimeter around your home 
  • Cutting shrubs in a V-shape (this removes ground cover) 
  • Keeping garbage secured and sealed 
  • Utilizing a professional Dallas pest control company like Eco-Safe to inspect for current and potential entry points 


Todd: But Momma, who are you to go on this 20-minute rant telling people how to seal up their trash cans? 

Nanny Faye: I wouldn’t if they knew how to do it. 

Nanny Faye: Chase, you know that we got to get these critters out of this neighborhood: raccoons, foxes, bears 

Chase: Nanny you don’t have any bears around here

Nanny Faye: Any of them might even be a Sasquatch, who knows? 

Chase: Some Sasquatch? 

Nanny Faye: Yeah, Sasquatch and I gotta try to get this place cleaned up. 


Call the premier natural organic pest control in Dallas TX today!

While Eco-Safe has yet to receive a Sasquatch call, rest assured we can help you with all wildlife issues you may experience in Dallas. Yes, we can even help with snakes! While opossums are best left alone, and most wildlife is not a pest, once they make it inside, we understand how frustrating and isolating it can feel. 

Nanny Faye: No one in my neighborhood is taking this critter thing seriously 

Even though others may not take your wildlife issue seriously, Eco-Safe will. Remember, if you ever have a Dallas pest issue and are concerned, Eco-Safe’s visual inspections are free. If Nanny Faye had called Eco-Safe from the get-go, we could have helped her find the source.  

Chase: I think I found where the raccoons are coming from 

Nanny Faye: Let me see 

Todd: Was that hers? 

Chase: Look he is going to the compost, and they are eating 

Nanny Faye: Oh lord, oh yeah, uh oh. That’s something rough critters to me

Nanny Faye: Maybe it was me who brought in the raccoons, but I don’t want to admit it. That is hard, it almost choked me to say it  


This is a feeling none of us want to feel and that is why we are a three-generational natural pest control company in Dallas TX. We are here to help you! 

Remember, Eco-Safe Natural Organic Pest Control in Dallas TX is here for you. We can help you with mosquitoes, ants, roaches, spiders, earwigs, silverfish, mice, rats, wildlife, plants, and more.