Murder Hornets in Dallas TX: How worried should you be?

By on June 27th, 2020

In short: not very much at all. If you have not seen them all over social media or you are not already familiar with them, “murder hornets” are native to Asia but have been spotted in North America recently. Their real name is Vespa mandarinia, and they are referred to as Asian giant hornets. These stinging insects get their name by hunting down honeybees and ripping their heads off to feed to their young. The term “murder hornets” is certainly fitting but they are not as deadly to people as they are made out to be.

 Recently appearing in September 2019, Asian giant hornets have been spotted in the northwestern region of the United States, in Washington and Canada. While this is the first time a sighting has been publicized in the U.S., a scientist tasked with identifying insects in US Customs cargo discovered an entire hive filled with larvae in 2016 that was being mailed into the country. Thankfully, it was caught and dealt with, but these insects can wreak absolute havoc on the bee population, exacerbating an already dire problem. 

We cannot say anything for certain until further research and trapping are completed; however, as of June 2020, murder hornets (“Asian Giant Hornets”) have not been spotted in Dallas, DFW, or anywhere in Texas. 

While bees are the most prevalent target, Asian giant hornets have stingers that can pierce beekeeping suits to deliver their venom, which people have likened to driving hot metal through their skin. 

As the premier natural organic pest control company in Dallas TX, we would like to take this time to answer a few questions that we have been asked from some of our pest control clients in Dallas TX.

Can Murder Hornets get to Texas or even Dallas TX? 

Yes, they can. The most likely way will be through shipping containers. Now do not be too alarmed just yet, we are hopeful that the murder hornet will not call Texas their new home.

My neighbor told me that they saw a murder hornet in Dallas TX!? 

As the premier natural pest control company in Dallas, TX for over 50 years, Eco-Safe receives tons of calls and inquiries daily. We have received numerous calls for murder hornets. We will always be happy to inspect and identify the current pest afflicting your home or business to provide our customers with peace of mind. Typically, people have been confusing murder hornets for cicada killers. Cicada killers are very prolific in North Dallas and are a large ground digging wasp. If you ever see small, unknown holes in your soil, you might just have cicada killers. 

Why am I seeing Cicada killers around my house? 

If you have or around drier soil or bare lawns, you may see higher activity of cicada killers. The female wasp nests in the ground while the males are typically the ones you will see flying. Their nests can commonly be found in garden beds or around driveways. 

Worried about Murder Hornets in Dallas TX? 

If you are worried about murder hornets in Dallas, TX you can utilize Eco-Safe Pest Control as your resource. There are currently no known Murder Hornets in Dallas TX. With multiple Entomologists on staff and over 300 years of combined experience, Eco-Safe can help you with all pests even if the Asian Giant Hornet does make it to North Dallas TX or DFW. 

If you need help with hornets, wasps, or any pest in DFW, Eco-Safe is ready and willing to help you today!